The Most Incredible Pop-A-Shot Performance In Arcade History

The Most Incredible Pop-A-Shot Performance In Arcade History
by Matt Musico
If you spend most of your time at the arcade trying to win tickets playing pop-a-shot, the frustration of waiting for basketballs to roll down when you're on a roll is real and it's painful.

This guy solved that problem by having all the balls from nearby machines emptied out and put into the one he was using. Why, you ask? Just watch and prepare to be amazed.

Not even saying this was legendary gives his pop-a-shot skills justice.  He shot balls twice as fast as I could, but didn't look nearly as frazzled or rushed. And was 10 times more accurate.

I'm still not sure which part was most impressive. I'm stuck between him shooting with one hand every time, using both hands with ease and never looking down before shooting.

If a ball wasn't there when he put a hand down, he simply switched to the other hand and kept his momentum going. Is he a real human being or a machine built specifically to dominate pop-a-shot? The jury is out on that one.

The whole place was silent, but there had to be a crowd watching this all go down. I loved seeing those two random people walk by as if nothing special was happening. They had no idea the greatness they could've witnessed!

His reaction at the end was the best. Gave a subtle smirk, as if it was another day at the office. If only we saw the amount of tickets he scored after this performance. An army of people was probably needed to carry them over to get one of those ginormous stuffed animals.

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