35 People That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Life Choices

35 People That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Life Choices
by Dave Stopera
Source: buzzfeed.com
1. The guy with the world’s worst Mother’s Day present:

2. This aspiring billionaire:

3. This entire family:

4. Elvis’ worst fan:

5. Megan’s ex:

6. This loving family:

7. Anyone and everyone with a Maury tattoo:

8. This person who got this important anatomy tattoo:

9. And this person who got this way less important anatomy tattoo:

10. The coolest teen from 2008:

12. This guy who probably hasn’t seen Road House:

13. Drew and his bad memory:

14. This guy who clearly confused Michael Jackson with Nickelodeon’s “Doug”:

15. The guy with this tasty tribute:

16. This person keeping the dream alive:
Via imgur.com

17. This joker:

18. This guy who was almost certainly rightfully convicted based solely on his tattoos:

19. The perpetrator behind this dog-owl…dowl?

20. The world’s strongest man with the world’s weakest tattoo:

21. Mama:

22. Anyone and everyone who gets Juggalo makeup permanently on their face:

23. This person who clearly discovered a new species of tiger:

24. The world’s most unfortunate sponsored athlete:

25. Bob Marley’s worst fan:
26. The person behind this:

27. Chris Farley’s worst fan:

28. Anyone with a Ronald Reagan back tattoo:

29. The king of the jungle:

30. This bear’s worst fan:

31. The people in this terrifying family:

32. This guy whose live is game:

33. The world’s worst Patriots fan:

34. This person behind this “tiger”:

35. And this… Wait. This is actually perfect.

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