Teacher Body Slams Student While Trying To Break Up Fight

Teacher Body Slams Student While Trying To Break Up Fight
by Kappit Staff

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A Toldeo, Ohio teacher faces harsh criticism following his actions in a video which surfaced on Facebook recently.

After a fight between two female students broke out in the school's cafeteria, the faculty member quickly intervened by attempting to separate the girls. In the video, he can be heard pleading for one of the girls to stop while simultaneously holding her back, when she suddenly slapped and began to attack him. 

In an effort to restrain the student, he forcefully slammed her to the ground. An action which caused several students to run to the teen's aid.

After further investigation of the video, according to Toledo News Now, the student now faces felony charges for assaulting the teacher. As school officials hope the consequences will deter future acts of disrespect to faculty and staff.

Do you think the teacher was justified in his actions, or did he take it too far? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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