Father Punishes 4-year-old Son By Making Him Hold 'I Hit Little Girls' Sign In Public

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Father Punishes 4-year-old Son By Making Him Hold 'I Hit Little Girls' Sign In Public
by Allie Healy
Source: syracuse.com
Rob Devine (left) made his son Tristan (right) hold a shame sign 

When 4-year-old Tristan was caught hitting female classmates at school, his father made his punishment public. For one hour, Tristan stood at the side of a road in Monroe, Michigan, and held a sign that read, "I hit little girls."

WXYZ reports that Tristan's father Rob Devine believes he did what he felt "was right for my son." Intending to teach his son a lesson, Devine told WXYZ, "I want him to know you can't go out and do these things and expect them to go away unnoticed and expect me not to deal with it."

Tristan's mother, Brittany Tweed, who apparently is separated from Devine, told WXYZ she thinks the punishment was overly harsh, The Huffington Post reports. Tweed also said Tristan will not be going back to his father's house, as she asked child protective services to intervene.

Fox 47 says Tristan was "hot, exhausted" and wanted Tweed to rescue him from the situation. Tweed told WXYZ that she feels sad for her son and what he had to go through.

"I feel degraded for him, I feel sad for him. I think it's sad for a four year old to have to go on one of the busiest intersections holding a sign. Rob has had issues in his life, and no one put him out on the street and made him use a sign."

Devine told WXYZ he will not be pursuing court action to ensure Tristan remains under joint custody.

What do you think about this situation? Did Rob Devine go too far? Share your comments below.

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