The World's Newest, Hottest Criminal Was Just Arrested On 108 Charges (Photos)

The World's Newest, Hottest Criminal Was Just Arrested On 108 Charges (Photos)
by Connor Toole
For many people, the word criminal conjures the image of a guy dressed in black doing all sorts of illegal things in the late hours of the night (or, if youre racist, a black guy dressed in anything minding his own business).

Regardless of whether or not you think its fair to judge people off their appearances, theres no denying there are certain things that will draw the attention of the police faster than others, such as running down the street naked while firing a machine gun.

At the same time, there are certain steps you can take to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself being an attractive white woman is one of those things.

If Weeds has taught us anything, its that its a lot easier to get away with stuff when youre the last person people would ever suspect of committing a crime.

Apparently, 21-year-old Canadian Stephanie Beaudoin realized this, until she was arrested on 108 separate charges back in August.

Le Journal de Montreal (and Google Translate) report that the student was arrested for 42 incidents of breaking and entering, charges which were complemented nicely by the nine stolen guns she had in her possession.

Why should you care about this story? Well, Ms. Beaudoin is not your typical criminal. Jeremy Meeks has finally met his match (although, it should be noted he didnt have the benefit of Instagram filters).

via Le Journal de Montreal, Photos Courtesy: Journal de Montreal

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