Man Live Blogs Four Hour Standoff With The Police

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Man Live Blogs Four Hour Standoff With The Police

A man involved in a tense four-hour standoff with police gave Whisper users a unique insight into what it was like  by live-blogging the entire event.

The unnamed 33-year-old, from Grand Prairie, Texas, posted several messages over the course of the face-off on Whisper, an app that allows its users to send anonymous messages and receive replies.

The standoff, which happened on Thursday, was said to have begun when a routine traffic stop turned into a chase  although the man claims that police were following him from his house.

Although not clear what led to the chase, a series of direct messages Whisper provided to Gawker suggested the man was trying to take his own life.

'I want them to shoot me,' he writes.

'To prove to the world that they are f***ed up.'

It is not clear if the man was armed or not, but police officers can be seen in the photos with their weapons drawn and taking cover behind their vehicles after the man stopped at an intersection.

Whispers Head of News, Slade Sohmer, later verified the authenticity of the posts using the apps geo-location.

'When we saw the stand-off in progress we immediately checked all other tools at our disposal on the back end and then messaged the user for more information,' Mr. Sohmer told BuzzFeed.

After four hours, the man was taken into custody, after police forced him out of his vehicle with tear gas.

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