IPhone 6 Line? Nope, Just Former Ray Rice Fans Waiting To Exchange Their Jerseys

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IPhone 6 Line? Nope, Just Former Ray Rice Fans Waiting To Exchange Their Jerseys
by Bruna Nessif
Source: eonline.com

So, there are people that don't want their Ray Rice jerseys any more. And a lot of people, at that.

What could easily be confused for a long line to obtain the shiny and new Apple iPhone 6 is actually an insanely long line (possibly even longer than those waiting to get the new smartphone) of NFL fans in Baltimore who want to exchange their No. 27 jerseys.

After the release of a video showing the 27-year-old brutally beating his then-fiancee Janay Palmer earlier in the year, the Ravens official Twitter account announced that they will, "offer an exchange for Ray Rice jerseys at stadium stores. Details to come."

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

So those who decided not to give their NFL memorabilia up for some free pizza, showed up to the big exchange that is going on today and tomorrow.

A handout given out to those in line at the stadium (and subsequently tweeted by a user on Twitter) states that the Ray Rice jersey exchange is taking place today and tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Section 140.

The stadium store will only accept jerseys that are officially licensed by the NFL, manufactured by Nike or Reebok and/or those purchased at the Ravens team store. Additionally, they tell fans waiting in line that "specific replacement player, jersey color and size not guaranteed."

According to some social media posts, it looks like the average wait time is two hours to exchange the jersey, but fans didn't seem to mind. "Working 12 hours last night and then waiting in line for 2 hours was well worth it to get rid of 27 and gain 82 #smith #idontwantnowomenbeaterjersey #ravensnation #nosleep," one user wrote.

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