(Crazy Prank) Guys Find People In Public To Help Move A Body Bag With A Body Inside

(Crazy Prank) Guys Find People In Public To Help Move A Body Bag With A Body Inside
by Bree Brouwer
Source: tubefilter.com
Public pranks are one thing, but social prank experiments involving real-time improvisation with the general public are quite another. Thats what Chris Demarais and Aaron Marquis are learning in Rooster Teeths newest show, Social Disorder.

The two hosts aim to best each other by coming up with interesting (and decidedly awkward) social experiments they can film using hidden cameras. They will take to the streets of Austin, Texas, where they will try to complete the objective of the experiment within 30 minutes. If thats not possible, whoever comes out with the most points at the end will be declared the winner.

The first episode, which was released on September 13, shows how this goal is not as easy as it sounds. In The Body Bag, Demarais and Marquis decide to see who can get a body bag from Marquiss apartment to the river, using nothing but themselves, public transportation, and the help of whoever they can enlist (which turns out to be more people than you might think). To make the situation even more realistic, while one person is dragging the bag, the other one is inside it. Demarais and Marquis receive points for creativity, helpers, style, and more.

If anythings certain, Social Disorder will help keep Austin weird, just the way the citizens like it. Head to RoosterTeeth.com to watch the awkwardness ensue, and tune in for new episodes of Social Disorder every other Saturday.


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