Lance Stephenson Releases Rap Video For Hot New Rap Song

Lance Stephenson Releases Rap Video For Hot New Rap Song
by Jared Wade
Theres a dude named Bobby Shmurda. As you can tell by his name, hes a creative wunderkind who released a simple song awhile back. He came up with his own dance, too.

Lance Stephenson as did many rappers, wannabe and actual jumped on the beat and kicked his own freestyle. Now, in what appears to be a glorified And-1, he has put out a video for the song.

As with the audio, this is better than expected. The song structure that Lance follows is almost impossible to mess up from a flow perspective, but Stephenson manages to do that (mostly) while dropping a few nice little bars.

I been ballin hard since like the 5th grade
Watchin A.I. gettin 40 with the French braids
Love Indiana, Ima miss some good days
Charlotte Hornet, M.J., thats the new wave

It aint Kendrick Lamar, but Lance isnt out here on the mic embarrassing himself either. Instead, he joins Pacers like Marquis Daniels and Ron Artest among a very, very small group of basketball players who arent awful spitters.


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