(VIDEO) Driver Hits Pedestrian On Purpose

(VIDEO) Driver Hits Pedestrian On Purpose
by Becky Blackman
Source: hyperbite.com

There's a reason almost every car in Russia has a dash cam.  It's because insurance rates are so high over there...probably because insane shit like this happens on a daily basis.

The driver with the dash cam is behind a silver BMW, the owner of which seems to have major attitude problems and anger issues.  When the BMW reluctantly stops to allow pedestrians to cross at the crosswalk, there is an awkward moment with one of the men on the street who gives the driver a rude gesture for stopping just a few inches away from them.

The BMW turns its wheels towards the man and immediately guns it right into him.  While the man crumples to the floor, his buddies run around to the driver's side of the car to try and catch that criminal, but the driver zooms off into the distance, leaving them and their injured friend behind.

It's pretty scary to think that even with the prevalence of dashboard cameras in Russia, some folks aren't fazed at all by the prospect of vehicular manslaughter.


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