Pedal The World: Man Spends 365 Days Biking Through 22 Countries

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Pedal The World: Man Spends 365 Days Biking Through 22 Countries
by Gillian Fuller

Traveling the world is a dream shared by many, but achieved by very few. Most don't have the means to pack up their lives and leave work, friends and family behind while they explore the globe.

Even young adults, who aren't tied down by unbreakable responsibilities, tend to hit roadblocks in travel because of the cost.

So when 23-year-old Felix Starck wanted to travel the world, he decided his mode of transportation would be something he wouldn't have to pay for at all: his bike.

Starck set off on a year-long journey through 22 countries, including Turkey, Singapore, New Zealand and the US, covering an impressive 11,200 miles in total.

Though he did take airplanes in between continents, the majority of his travel was on land. His full route and itinerary are detailed here.

Throughout his journey, the ambitious traveler filmed his experiences and compiled the footage into an hour-long documentary called Pedal The World.

On his trip, Starck noticed how poor conditions suffered by animals globally as he witnessed abuse firsthand on several occasions. To help raise awareness for animal rights, he's donating one Euro for each copy of his documentary sold to the World Wildlife Foundation.

Learn more about his inspiring journey here.

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