Bad Lip Reading Gives The 'Walking Dead' Zombies A Catchy Theme Song

Bad Lip Reading Gives The 'Walking Dead' Zombies A Catchy Theme Song
by Aja Romano
The maestro of YouTube comedy, Bad Lip Reading, is back and hungry for brains. The folks who brought you "Medieval Fun-Time Land" and endless Twilight parodies are back with a homage to The Walking Dead season 4, complete with rap lyrics, mushy turtles, and oh, yes, a zombie musical uprising.

While it doesn't quite top my personal fave BLR moment - "You can eat sand, young man!" from the group's Game of Thrones parody - the Walking Dead take has everything the original has: intense zombie standoffs, apocalyptic arguments, and Norman Reedus being Norman Reedus-y. But it also has typical Bad Lip Reading genius: heated debates over dolphins and apples, hammy zombies, and Carl Grimes busting out an impassioned, incoherent hip-hop anthem in anger at his dad to the tune of, what else, a thousand crooning members of the un-dead horde. 

The channel has also released Carl's rap song, "Carl Poppa" as a downloadable single, available from iTunes.

Screengrab via YouTube

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