Hero Caught On Camera Stopping Drug Store Robber In Her Tracks (Video)

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Hero Caught On Camera Stopping Drug Store Robber In Her Tracks (Video)
by Sarah Fruchtnicht
Source: opposingviews.com
A Florida man was caught on surveillance tape chasing and throwing a woman to the ground after she robbed a Deland Walgreens store.

Shanna Ferring, 37, told police she planned the robbery all day, but she was no match for Tim Tyger, 28, who caught her as she ran from the store with a fistful of cash.

Tyger said he sprang into action when he heard the clerk screaming for help.

"If it were to happen to me, I would want someone to help in that situation," Tyger told the local station.

Tyger grabbed Ferring, forced her back inside the Volusia County store and held her there until police arrived, WESH reported.

Ferring struggled, allegedly kicking and biting Tyger to escape, but he didnt let go.

"Me and her had a scuffle, and we ended up on the floor, and I was just holding her till the police came," said Tyger.

Tyger says Ferring told him she had no choice.

Ferring allegedly told police she needed the cash to feed her cats because she recently lost her job.

"There's always a choice between right and wrong," Tyger told WESH.

Investigators say Ferring also stole a license tag from another vehicle so her car couldnt be traced.

She was charged with robbery and booked into Volusia County Jail on $1,500 bond.

Image screenshot: YouTube

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