This Beautiful Little Girl Talking About Her Cancer Is Heartwarming And Hopeful (Video)

This Beautiful Little Girl Talking About Her Cancer Is Heartwarming And Hopeful (Video)
by Gillian Fuller

There is nothing in the world sadder than a sick child. To see a young life crippled by disease is absolutely heartbreaking.

It's hard to stay brave when faced with life-and-death situations. As adults, we're supposed to be the rocks for children to lean on. But, staying strong isn't always easy, or even possible.

Sometimes children surprise us, though. Sometimes, in tough situations, they prove their strength and wisdom in a way that seems implausible for their age. Such is the case with Hannah, the star of this video.

The 5-year-old girl was diagnosed with kidney cancer earlier this year and has undergone four surgeries and six months of chemotherapy.

The brave little girl decided to create a "commercial" of sorts to share with other patients, to show them they can be brave, too, even when they're scared.

Even though shes very young and doesn't seem to fully understand the situation, it's an incredibly sweet and heartwarming gesture. It's eye-opening to see a child speak so maturely about a disease she knows may take her life.

A commenter on the original YouTube post asked if there's anywhere we can donate to help support Hannahs treatment, and her father recommended donating to either Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation or St. Baldrick's Foundation.

Apparently, both of these are more research-focused, which is an area in children's cancer fundraising that is under-funded. As always, do your part to help out if you can.

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