Curious Cat Gets Its Fluffy Head Caught Inside A Kleenex Box (Video)

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Curious Cat Gets Its Fluffy Head Caught Inside A Kleenex Box (Video)
by Gillian Fuller

The saying "curiosity killed the cat" is rather misleading.

Yes, cats are curious creatures (thats because they're smart, for all you feline-haters out there). But, to say curiosity kills them is a bit of an overstatement. It'd be safer to say that curiosity often gets the better of them.

Take Keekee as an example. The curious kitty was inspecting an empty Kleenex box (because you know, cats and boxes) and somehow managed to get its fluffy lil' head stuck inside.

Watching the kitty wriggle around with a box on his head is equally hilarious and heartbreaking (though not nearly as sad as the fox with the tin can on its head).

But the feisty feline managed to get the box off its head all by itself. So curiosity, in fact, taught the cat a useful lesson: Don't stick your head where it doesn't belong. (Too bad most people haven't gotten that one figured out yet.)

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