Boston Teen Performs Handstand On Top Of Moving Subway Train (Video)

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Boston Teen Performs Handstand On Top Of Moving Subway Train (Video)
by Michael Allen

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) officials in Boston are searching for a teen boy who climbed on top of a subway and did a handstand on the roof while the train was moving.

A video (below) of the dangerous stunt was originally posted to Facebook on Wednesday.

According to Boston Magazine, the video was shared more than 200 times and got more than 300 "likes" by Thursday.

The unidentified person who posted the video on Facebook reportedly added the caption, "Subway surfing in real life lmfaoo! I'm the craziest one out of TSW."

However, MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo told Boston Magazine, "Obviously, such behavior is completely unacceptable" and added that the teen could be charged with trespassing.

Several people criticized the original poster on Facebook, but he replied, "F--- that fame s---, I only did it cause I wanted to do it since [seventh] grade."

This is a very dangerous activity and it can be deadly, MBTA Transit Police spokesman Lt. Richard Sullivan told the Boston Globe. We strongly discourage people from attempting this."

Transit Police are using the teen's own video to track him down.

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