Man Travels Over 5,000 Miles To Propose To Long-Distance Girlfriend (Video)

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Man Travels Over 5,000 Miles To Propose To Long-Distance Girlfriend (Video)
by Gillian Fuller

We've seen romantic men go to great lengths to stage the perfect proposals for their brides-to-be. Usually, they're beautiful and perfect, sometimes they're not, but the genuine, passionate love behind the gesture remains the same.

This proposal, though, just raised the bar for men everywhere.

Omar Kenawi and his girlfriend (now fiancee) Susan had been dating long distance for over a year and a half, with him being in London and her being in Los Angeles.

Not seeing each other for months on end had gotten to be too much, so Kenawi decided he'd propose.

With the help of Susan's friends and family, Kenawi planned a surprise performance at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, a place they'd spent a lot of time together.

He rewrote the lyrics to "Seasons Of Love" from "Rent" to more appropriately match their relationship and had her friends and family sing the song while he surprised her with the proposal. They hadn't seen each other in four months, and her reaction when she realizes he's there is amazing.

While romantic gestures can often err on the side of too sweet, this hits the right note (although, I'll admit, I still teared up a bit).

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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