CCTV Captures Woman Bravely Fighting Off Her Car-jacker In Manchester

CCTV Captures Woman Bravely Fighting Off Her Car-jacker In Manchester
by Oliver Wheaton

The moment a woman bravely fought off a man who tried to steal her car was captured on CCTV.

Deborah Smythe was parking her car outside her office on Manchester yesterday morning when the opportunist thief jumped into her vehicle and tried to take off.

Ms Smythe, 52, could then be seen tearing the door open and battering the car-jacker, nearly getting run over in the process, before the man admitted defeat and ran away.

The footage was uploaded to Facebook by Ms Smythe's daughter, Louise Fielding, who appealed for anyone with any information about the man to come forward.

Louise said: [Ms Smythe] is pretty badly bruised but as you can see she's a little warrior!

Ms Smythe was nearly dragged under the wheels of the car as she fought the man (Picture: Youtube)

Ms Smythe reportedly felt compelled to get involved with the violent struggle, in which she was dragged alongside the car briefly as the thug tried to drive off, because she was going on holiday that morning and had her passport as well as 700 euro in the car that she didn't want to lose.

Although she was a little shaken, Louise told the Manchester Evening News she is currently forgetting about the ordeal on holiday.

'She's a bit sore, but she's okay. She's just getting on with her holiday now,' Louise said.

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