The Definitive Jennifer Lopez Booty Compilation

The Definitive Jennifer Lopez Booty Compilation
by Edwin Ortiz
Jennifer Lopez recently released her video for "Booty," which delivers exactly what the title suggests, as the 45-year-old star and her featured playmate Iggy Azalea show off their sensual side, and a lot of derriere. This in turn inspired a bunch of sexy GIF's.

The performance drew comparisons to Nicki Minaj, who in August dropped the salacious visuals for "Anaconda," which also was a fantastic source for GIF's. Was J. Lo trying to ride Nicki's ass-shaking coattails? That would be hard to argue, considering Jennifer has been doing this since her days as a Fly Girl dancer on the '90's sketchy comedy In Living Color. 

As a reminder that J. Lo is simply the best at this, we've put together the definitive Jennifer Lopez booty compilation, set to her latest single. Enjoy above.

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