This Is The 'Chandelier' Parody You've Been Looking For

This Is The 'Chandelier' Parody You've Been Looking For
by Lisa Granshaw
By Lisa Granshaw on September 26, 2014

Hold on to your blasters, Star Wars fans; Teddie Films has done it again. The filmmaking duo that brought us the fantastic Gotye parody The Star Wars That I Used To Know has now given us the equally amazing Bandolier.

The music video is a parody of Australian singer Sias Chandelier and stars Princess Leia singing about Chewbacca, who also makes an appearance. If you're wondering why these two were paired together, here's the videos description: When Han Solo was about to be placed in carbonite, he told Chewie to take care of Princess Leia. What happened after that was almost a love story for the ages. Almost.

A love story for the ages between an Alderaan princess and everyones favorite Wookiee? Yes, please. With lyrics like He's the one, that cute Fuzzball and I'm gonna swing, from his Bandolier, from his Bandolier/I'm gonna live, like Han Solo doesn't exist, theres no way you can resist loving this epic parody.

H/T The Mary Sue | Screenshot via teddiefilms/YouTube

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