(WILD) Female Driving A Truck Takes Newburgh, NY Police On A Street Chase (Crowd Amps Her Up)

(WILD) Female Driving A Truck Takes Newburgh, NY Police On A Street Chase (Crowd Amps Her Up)
by Leonard Sparks
Source: recordonline.com

CITY OF NEWBURGH––  A Salisbury Mills woman driving a pickup with a trailer holding a lawn mower led officers from three agencies on a wild chase through the City of Newburgh on Tuesday afternoon, damaging police and private cars just as school buses were dropping off kids.

Tiffany Foote, 26, was surrounded by police cars when she finally stopped in front of 333 Liberty St. after a chase that began around 1:55 p.m. when she allegedly struck a van and a pedestrian at Route 17K and Route 300 in the Town of Newburgh.

Foote had 10 suspensions on her license, but did not appear impaired by alcohol or drugs, police said. By the time the 23-minute chase ended, she had damaged three City of Newburgh police cars and a Town of Newburgh police car, in addition to the van and another vehicle, police said.

"When I headed down that way, there were school buses everywhere," town police Chief Mike Clancy said. "So this thing had to be ended."

City police said a bystander called 911 and followed Foote after she struck the van in the Town of Newburgh. Once she crossed into the city, Foote hit a car in the area of 456 Broadway, with the driver sustaining minor injuries.

She then turned onto Prospect Street, where her failure to stop for police ignited a chase. Bus companies were notified of the pursuit.

State troopers and a state police helicopter joined city and town officers in the effort to stop Foote.

Attorney Mike Mazzariello left his office on lower Broadway after hearing the low-flying helicopter. He stepped outside just as the woman went by, trailed by about 20 police cars.

She was staring straight ahead while clutching the steering wheel with both hands, Mazzariello said.

"I saw the woman with grit determination on her face," he said. "And then I saw about 20 cop cars chasing her."

A City of Newburgh officer suffered a minor laceration from a broken window as officers tried to open the driver's door when she was stopped.

Foote was charged with felony counts of reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and aggravated unlicensed operation, as well as several misdemeanors and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.

She also faces town charges.


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