Volvo Trucks Returns To Elaborately Prank This Poor Guy On His First Day At Work

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Volvo Trucks Returns To Elaborately Prank This Poor Guy On His First Day At Work
by David Griner
Fake crowd, fake paparazzi, real valet.

Volvo Trucks, the surprising brand behind YouTube's most watched ad of all time, is back with a new video. And this time, instead of Jean-Claude Van Damme, it's an unsuspecting valet who's put in an uncomfortable position.

While this clip's quite unlikely to become a viral juggernaut on the scale of "Epic Split," it's a fun bit of hidden-camera prankery focused on the newest employee at a casino's valet stand.

"All the sports cars that you see pulling up are all rented, and all the paparazzi there are fake," director Henry-Alex Rubin says in the behind-the-scenes video. "The crowds are fake. Everything's fake, really, except for the valet, who has no idea all this is for him."

Rubin is riding high in the ad world these days, having also recently directed Gatorade's epic send-off to Derek Jeter and several other notable spots, including Samsung's hard-hitting piece for the Paralympics.

Setting up the joke takes a bit longer than you'd like, but you have to applaud the rather extreme commitment to the gag. As with all of the brand's globally awarded videos from agency Forsman & Bodenfors, the clip highlights a specific technical aspect of Volvo Trucks. This time it's the I-Shift Dual Clutch gearbox, adapted from sports car technology.

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