Teens Walk Into Busy Apple Store And Film Themselves Bending The IPhone 6 (Video)

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Teens Walk Into Busy Apple Store And Film Themselves Bending The IPhone 6 (Video)
by Anthony Selden
Source: elitedaily.com

By now, you probably already know that Apple's new iPhone 6 is having bending issues.

The phone is bending in people's pockets when they sit down, and it's causing outcry everywhere because no one wants to pay hundreds of dollars for a smartphone that bends like clay.

On September 24, just days after the iPhone 6's initial release, a video was uploaded to YouTube by Unbox Therapy showing how easy it is to bend the iPhone 6. This time a couple of daring teenagers took matters into their own hands and ventured out to the Apple store.

There, the teens did hands-on (definitely prohibited) research to test the iPhones out for themselves. Short answer: yes, they bend.

The video was uploaded to YouTube, but according to Unilad, the video was taken down shortly after its release.

This is the first time someones decided to film this type of "product testing" while in the Apple store, but many reports say people are going into the stores and bending new iPhones.

Check out the GIF clips below of the kids bending the iPhones:

Yes, the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices actually do bend.

"Maybe that one's just defective, let's try this one." Yup, still bends!

H/T: Unilad, Top Photo Courtesy: Twitter

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