Dad Teaches Dog The FUNNIEST Thing, And Mom Has No Idea!!

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Dad Teaches Dog The FUNNIEST Thing, And Mom Has No Idea!!
by Kappit Staff
Don't you just love the way dogs are always trying to help out their owners? This adorable video is a great example of how canines became known as mans best friend and it features a trick you just might want to teach your own pooch!

When you have a pet (or pets) and you welcome a new baby into the home, there's no denying that most of the focus shifts over to the newborn. Many times, the animal gets a little jealous and craves more attention from humans, but every once in a while something completely amazing happens. Sometimes the pet sees the little baby as their own and acts as a big sibling or parent, offering their eternal love and protection. In this beautiful video, you'll notice this exact phenomenon.

A sweet white dog in Israel looks way more like a proud momma than a canine as she walks the baby down the block. Dad couldn't be happier with his baby and big helper by his side. What an adorable family! This dog is too cute with that smile on his face. Just look at how happy he is to help! So hysterical!

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