VIRAL VIDEO: Video Purports To Show Hit And Run Crash At Oakland Sideshow

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VIRAL VIDEO: Video Purports To Show Hit And Run Crash At Oakland Sideshow
by Mario Sevilla

**KRON 4 has slowed down and enhanced the video to show the crash**

OAKLAND (KRON)––  A video posted on YouTube purports to show a hit and run incident during an illegal sideshow in Oakland.
The video, which was posted on Sunday, shows a crowd of cheering onlookers and several parked cars surrounding an intersection while a dark colored, two-door vehicle spins recklessly in the middle of the street.

The video claims the incident happened on High Street.

The car swings within a few feet of the spectators. During one the turns, the car drifts, turns in the opposite direction and hits the gas then takes a wide turn.

The car then crashes into the crowd. Audio in the video captures the sound of people screaming and the impact of the car striking the other vehicles that were parked in the intersection.

After plowing through the crowd, the car is heard screeching away from the scene.

Witnesses at the scene posted on social media that some of the injured people were taken to Highland hospital. KRON 4 is working to confirm the information.

It's unclear when the video was recorded or if the incident and injuries were reported to authorities. Police said they were unable to determine whether this incident in the video took place in the City of Oakland or when it took place.

"The Oakland Police Department confirmed that sideshow activity did take place Saturday evening, starting on the west side of the City and traveling to the east side, and ultimately onto Freeway 880," said Officer Johnna Watson, an Oakland police spokeswoman.

Police responded to the area and were able to divert the vehicles, according to police.

"We are reviewing this past weekends activity and have no reports of pedestrians struck by vehicles or reports of hit-and-run accidents or vehicle collisions associated with sideshow activity," Watson said.

A Tweet posted late Saturday by @TheRealDJTNT indicates that there was at least one sideshow in Oakland. "Hella shootings outside along with the sideshow going down. I just heard 30 shots from 2 different guns damn Oakland. get it together," said @TheRealDJTNT.

Watson said that the department is increasing staffing which will add more resource to help deter sideshows in Oakland.

"We take sideshow activity very seriously. Sideshows are inherently dangerous and are often associated with criminal activity. Sideshows can lead to injury or death, not only for those involved, but for spectators as well," Watson said.

There is no information about the suspect seen slamming into the crowd.

A higher resolution version of the video posted on World Star Hip Hop shows the driver wearing a red, long sleeve shirt or sweater and driving an older model Ford Mustang.

Stay with KRON 4 News for more on this developing story.


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