Pictured: Horrifying Moment Giant SNAKE Slithers Out Of Light-fitting

Pictured: Horrifying Moment Giant SNAKE Slithers Out Of Light-fitting
by Jessica Best
Source: mirror.co.uk
Australian company Snake Catchers found the huge python making its way into a Queensland bathroom

This is the terrifying moment a SNAKE burst out of a bathroom light fitting, terrifying the unsuspecting homeowner below.

The frightening pictures show what is thought to be a python slithering out of a ceiling light at a house in Queensland, Australia, and stretching down towards a shower cubicle.

Brisbane company Snake Catchers shared the photographs on their Facebook page, along with the message: "In case you were thinking of leaving that cover off the bathroom light for a little longer... think again!

"You may end up with an unwanted visitor."

Slither and stretch: The snake reaches for the shower cubicle

Hundreds of shocked Facebook users responded - most saying they would be checking their own light fightings straight away.

Heather Hodgkiss said: "Oh how scary I'm still freaked out."

Shara Feneck added: "Omg. That's not even funny. Our heat light is like that."

While Mark Lord said: "We are attaching all our covers!"

Scaly surprise: The python comes out of hiding
Snake Catchers staff regularly upload pictures of their scaly finds to their Facebook page.

Pictures from earlier in the year show a 5ft Red Bellied Black Snake found beneath a driver's foot well, and a Brown Tree Snake found in a children's toy box.

And last month, a four-metre-long carpet python was found on a bed in a town north of Brisbane.

After slithering between the sheets, it was was captured peering round the bedroom door.

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