TV Reporter Stunned To Find Missing Boy While Reporting About Him (VIDEO)

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TV Reporter Stunned To Find Missing Boy While Reporting About Him (VIDEO)
by Ericka Souter
While reporter Cameron Polom was reporting about a missing Tampa, Florida, boy, he inadvertently became a part of the story. While shooting his segment, he actually discovered the missing 10-year-old child.

Little Paul Ezekial Fagan had been gone for 14 hours when Polom began his story in the early morning hours. Police had been searching for him overnight using search dogs and helicopters but failed to find him.

Then, around 7 a.m., the WFTS-TV reporter spotted the child hiding in bushes near his grandmother's house. "He's looking at me and I'm thinking, 'Could this possibly be this kid? Is this really happening?' It was a very surreal moment," he said. When I saw him, he looked not only tired, but he looked scared he might be in trouble. He's 10 years old and he's a smart kid -- he knew he was in a little bit of trouble for what he had done.

Polom immediately took Fagan to the cops still in the midst of their search. Apparently, he ran off in order to get away from his bothersome little brother. Then he took a little "cat nap," which lasted much longer than he anticipated. The video below shows the moment he is reunited with his tearful and grateful family. Clearly his grandmother is relieved and overjoyed, but boy will this kid probably get an earful ... if not a major punishment.

Image: Laura Doss/Corbis

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