The Terrifying Moment A Great White Shark Attacks One Of It's Own (Video)

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The Terrifying Moment A Great White Shark Attacks One Of It's Own (Video)
by Sean Levinson

An Australian diver has captured the extremely rare moment in which a great white shark attacked it's own kind.

According to the Daily Mail, 33-year-old Adam Malski was off the Neptune Islands south of Australia studying a great white known as "Gilbert" by locals. Despite being nearly 20 feet long, the fish didn't seem very aggressive as Malski watched from an underwater cage.

That was until a much smaller shark, estimated to be half the size of Gilbert, tried to eat some bait Malski's crew left floating in the ocean right by their boat.

Just as the bait was taken, Gilbert suddenly emerged and opened his massive jaws as if he was trying to bite the head off the smaller shark.

While Malski isn't sure whether Gilbert's intended target was the shark or the bait, he's confident that this is one of the only times a great white shark has been caught attacking another on film.

This is the second aquatic phenomenon to be recorded as of late, as a group of killer whales was recently filmed attacking and eating a tiger shark off the coast of Costa Rica.

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