Probably The Worst Music Video Ever Uploaded To YouTube

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Probably The Worst Music Video Ever Uploaded To YouTube
by Kappit Staff
In today's age of social media and the ever-so-popular YouTube, aspiring entertainers -- singers, rappers, and the like -- all have an easy platform to showcase their talents...or not-so talents. 

With YouTubers like 50 Tyson and Ice JJ Fish, while they're entertaining to watch, it's hard to determine if they're serious or if it's all just a big joke because watching their vids (and watching them rack up the views, the followers and the money) you feel like you're being pranked.

Well, aspiring...err..singer, Gnesa, can be added to the list of absolute fails on YouTube. Check out what has to be one of the worst music videos of all time below. 

But wait, I'm not sure what confuses me most -- her attempt to "sing", the 4M+ views on YouTube, or the ridiculous comments of delusional fans saying "Greatest song I've ever heard" and "voice of an angel"...*crickets* 

I'm sorry, did I miss something?

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