First Degree Murder Verdict In Loud Music Retrial

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First Degree Murder Verdict In Loud Music Retrial
by Travis Nichols
Need To Know
  •    Michael Dunn found guily of killing teen Jordan Davis
  •     Dunn was convicted of attempted murder, discharging a weapon in first trial
  •     Original jury deadlocked over death of Davis

Wednesday afternoon, jurors in the retrial of Florida man Michael Dunn found him guilty of first degree murder after the previous jury failed to come to a verdict on the killing of teen Jordan Davis. In that first trial earlier this year, Dunn was found guilty of attempted murder for shooting into an SUV full of teens at a Jacksonville gas station.

Dunn claimed that after he asked the teens to turn down their rap music, one of the teens, Jordan Davis, made threats against him and waved a shotgun at him. That's when Dunn pulled out his handgun and opened fire, striking Davis. The driver of the SUV threw the car into reverse and sped away as Dunn continued firing. Moments later, when the teens in the car realized Davis had been shot, they returned to the gas station to get help. Dunn had already left the scene. He did not call police to report the shooting.

The night of the deadlocked jury, the Florida State Attorney's office announced that they would retry Dunn on the murder charges.

The next hearing in the Dunn case is set for next week. He faces a minimum of 60 years in prison for the attempted murder and gun convictions from the first trial. His official sentencing for those cases were delayed until the outcome of this trial.

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