This Is What Happens When You Take Your Terrible Ideas On The Road.

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This Is What Happens When You Take Your Terrible Ideas On The Road.
Rules of the road? What rules?

These people live on the edge when it comes to transporting themselves and their belongings. Several metric tons of fruit? No problem! Just load it onto a sedan. Furniture? Just throw it in. Other cars? Livestock? Fellow humans? The more the merrier!

1.) "But now we never have to buy fruit again! Which is good, because the car is no longer functional."

2.) "Honey? Yeah, I'm gonna be a few minutes late. I got stuck behind a house again."

3.) When threatened, the painted lumber bus will rear up on its hind wheels to intimidate its enemy.

4.) "Everything I buy is expensive, so naturally, I treat it with the utmost respect."

5.) The carpool lane never specified what kinds of passengers are allowed.

6.) "Bungee cords? Bungee cords are for the weak!"

7.) "I really like what you've done with the place."

8.) "Well, of course we put the cow in a travel box. Do you think we really want to take an unnecessary risk?"

9.) At midday, a wild straw pile gallops down the road, startling the goats.

10.) I don't know who's classier.

11.) "No, we can definitely put more on."

12.) "Sapling? Who would want a baby tree?"

13.) "It gets great mileage, though."

14.) I'm still trying to figure out how that got in there.

15.) But, no, seriously...

16.) While delivering propane (and propane accessories), Bernie did his best to keep on top of his circus training.

17.) "Bessie gets motion sickness in the car."

18.) "What do you mean I have to make a turn?"

19.) Next time, George will invest in a skateboard to put under the AC unit.

20.) "No, it's fine. I was on the crew team in college. We just have to synchronize."

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