These Bent IPhone 6 Advertisements Are Way Too Perfect (Photos)

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These Bent IPhone 6 Advertisements Are Way Too Perfect (Photos)
by Gillian Fuller
As everyone well knows by now, #BendGate is a thing.

Those who shelled out upward of $600 on a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus unfortunately have to deal with the fact that their precious and expensive new piece of technology is bendable.

Even though some crafty companies are trying to come up with ways to make living with a bent phone bearable like creating pre-bent cases the fact of the matter is, Apple screwed up on this one. Big time.

Apparently, Europeans are just as peeved as Americans. A billboard advertising the iPhone 6 was recently erected in Berlin, and the billboard just like the phone is subtly bent, in what seems to be a brilliant slight at the company.

Another sign advertising the iPhone 6, this one in a store in the Netherlands, is also bent.

While it's unclear whether this is the work of Apple itself or an unfortunate coincidence for the company, these signs which are officially verified as actually existing are freakin' amazing.

The Dutch ad:

The German billboard:

H/T: The Verge, Top Photo Courtesy: Twitter

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