Teenager Might Be The Best Freestyle Rapper Ever (Watch)

Teenager Might Be The Best Freestyle Rapper Ever (Watch)
Source: mynuvotv.com
A 17-year-old rapper named Jamal Gutierrez (a.k.a. A-F-R-O) has been on the lips of underground hip-hop fans this past week.

It all started when another rapper, RA the Rugged Man, uploaded a video of Gutierrez freestyling over an instrumental track on his YouTube channel. The young Latino's off-the-dome rap skills were so extraordinary that many of the comments left on the video's page accused the teen of writing his lyrics prior to the filming.

"The kid is extremely nice, but that is obviously not 100% spontaneous, on the spot freestyle," said one YouTube user. Never one to back down from an argument, RA the Rugged Man took to his YouTube page again, this time to address the haters who questioned the validity of Gutierrez's freestyle.

In the clip below, RA explains that Gutierrez's performance in the previous video was indeed improvised, and then asks the teen to freestyle again. To help support the claim, RA introduces a series of various objects, for which Gutierrez is then supposed to incorporate them into his rhyme attack. As you'll see, the teen has no problem rolling with whatever his mentor throws his way, even weaving in a clever lyric about RA's shoe. Gutierrez's parents also appear in the video clip, and, yes, their son mentions them in his lyrics, too.

We've included both freestyle videos below.


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