The IPhone 6 Is Ripping Out Chunks Of Peoples Hair

The IPhone 6 Is Ripping Out Chunks Of Peoples Hair
by Maitland Quitmeyer
In the past few days, iPhone 6 customers have taken to social media, complaining that new phones are ripping out chunks of hair.

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An anonymous poster on first reported that head and facial hair is being yanked out when users try to make a phone call, a problem that is not only inconvenient but also painful.

iPhone users are tweeting that hair is getting caught in the seam between the aluminum backing and glass screen.

The complaint has already spawned a series of hashtags, including #hairgate, #beardgate, and #seamgate.


The hashtags were followed quickly by faux razor ads and movie parodies.


#hairgate #instagood #funny #lol

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Youtubers have already shown #beardgate in action:


And at least one user has returned their phone after losing a few hairs.

With #bendgate just dying down, Apple has yet to respond to their latest #problem.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

It remains to be seen if the most recent controversy will slow sales. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have already beaten the record for any smartphones opening weekend.

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