Fisherman Attacked By Alligator Survived With Just Minor Bite Injuries By Pushing Arm DEEPER Into Beast's Mouth Until It Swam Away

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Fisherman Attacked By Alligator Survived With Just Minor Bite Injuries By Pushing Arm DEEPER Into Beast's Mouth Until It Swam Away
by Keran Corcoran
  • Vincent Dewan, 21, was bitten in Port St John, Florida, on Saturday
  • Had been catching mullet in waist-high water with a net when attacked
  • Alligator latched on to his arm - but Dewan didn't resist and moved with it
  • Then thrust his arm deeper into beast's mouth - and it swam away
  • Broke bones in his hand and tore his skin - but full recovery expected

A fisherman who was bitten by an alligator and found his right arm trapped in its jaws made an impressive escape by shoving his hand even further into the beast's mouth.

Vincent Dewan, 21, was fishing in the Indian River by Port St John, Florida, when the 10ft animal launched itself out of the waist-height water and clamped down on his arm.

The gator started to wrench his arm back and forth, but Dewan avoided major damage by not resisting and moving his arm with the thrashing beast after it struck Saturday.

Survivor: Vincent Dewan, 21, remarkably still has his arm after an encounter with a vicious alligator in Florida

Big beast: The alligator that attacked Dewan is pictured above being dragged out of the water by trappers

Instead, he thrust his arm deeper into it's mouth in the hope of loosening his grip, according to WFTV.

Dewan was catching mullet in the water and putting them in his pocket to use as bait to get bigger fish when he was attacked - and believed that's why the gator attacked him.

He told the station: 'I don't think he was actually trying to bite me, I was putting a mullet into my pocket that I'd just caught, and just as I did that he bit the hand I was putting the mullet in with.'

Dangerous waters: Dewan was fishing with a net in Port St John, Florida, when he was bitten

'When he grabbed my hand I just moved my hand with how he was thrashing.' Dewan then described how he made the split-second decision to thrust his arm further in, after which 'he let go and swam away'.

The alligator was later captured by trappers on Sunday. The beast is 10ft 6in long, and has lost half of its tail.

The attack broke some bones in Dewan's hand, and tore a gash in his palm. He also suffered puncutre wounds on top of his hand.

He is currently being treated at Wuesthoff Medical Center in Rockledge, and is expected to make a full recovery.
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