Man Offers To Swap His HOME For An Apple IPhone 6

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Man Offers To Swap His HOME For An Apple IPhone 6
by Amy Willis

What would you would give for an iPhone 6?

Well one man from Detroit says he'd swap his entire home for an Apple gadget or a 32-gig iPad.

The unnamed man had been trying to sell his three-bedroom bungalow for several months to little success.

(Picture: YouTube)
Larry Else (Picture: Youtube)

The house, which curiously has one-and-a-half bathrooms and is in terrible condition, was originally listed for sale at 3,112 pounds($5,000).

That price was slashed recently to just 1866 pounds($3,000) unless an iPhone 6 or iPad was an option.

Sound like a bargain? Well, the lucky recipient will have to pay off the current owner's 3,733 pounds($6,000) debt so don't all jump at once.

His real estate agent Larry Else said: 'It's a real listing. My client is overseas and he told me he would be willing to trade the properly for an iPhone 6. It sounds to me like he wants the (iPhone 6+) version, but I think he's willing to negotiate.'

(Picture: Zillow)

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus  ((Picture: Stephen Lam/Reuters)

He added: 'We'd be willing to do a deal. They would be able to get it on quick claim but eventually they would have to pay the back taxes. He might be willing to take anything maybe an Android.'

The deal will end if the man's county decides to foreclose meanwhile.

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