WATCH: Man Rushes Back Into Burning Home To Save Family Dogs

WATCH: Man Rushes Back Into Burning Home To Save Family Dogs
by John Hadden

WATCH: A San Jose area man is safe after rushing into his burning home a massive blaze to save his mothers canine friends.

TORONTO–  Two dogs are very lucky to be alive after a man rushed to the rescue - with his San Jose area home burning down around them.

A video released Saturday on YouTube shows the unidentified home owner calling out for the canines. He can then be seen opening the garage door amidst a huge cloud of smoke.

Within moments the man charges into the home.

Stephanie Allen lives across the street. She watched the event unfold.

"I hear fire, fire. Is there anyone upstairs, anyone outside," Allen told CBS. And then he's calling the dogs, but they don't want to come out.

Approximately fifteen seconds after going inside - the man emerges cradling the two poodles.

"Just in the nick of time. Literally, he came out with the dogs in hand, he turned his back and the car exploded in seconds," the neighbour added.

Allen said she provided help once the man re-emerged.

The dogs are reportedly owned by the home owners mother.

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