It's Not Safe To Misunderstand Texts From Your Friends (Video)

It's Not Safe To Misunderstand Texts From Your Friends (Video)
by Connor Toole
Texting is the perfect way to communicate with someone you don't actually feel like talking to, and while there are a number of advantages to unspoken communication, there are also a lot of opportunities for things to get lost in translation.

Texting hasn't reached a point when there are signs to denote bitter sarcasm and feigned enthusiasm, which means were forced to rely on other people to interpret our tone.

This creates a number of opportunities for people to take jokes far too seriously (and think serious things are jokes).

Comedy Central's Key and Peele took on this phenomenon in a recent episode, showing how an innocuous exchange can turn into attempted murder in a few simple texts.

You could probably solve this problem by actually picking up the phone, but who wants to do that?

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