Men, Give Up Now: Youll Never Top This Elaborate Lip-Sync Proposal (Video)

Men, Give Up Now: Youll Never Top This Elaborate Lip-Sync Proposal (Video)
by Gillian Fuller
We've seen enough amazing proposal videos to know that men these days are stepping up their game in the romance department.

But even the best, most touching videos, as sweet as they are, haven't been able to make us cry until now.

The proposal in the above video is perfect in every way.

Its not too serious and mushy-gushy. Its not too over-the-top, although it is pretty elaborate.

It's about the couple not so much the people who help the groom-to-be propose and its really just right. So perfect that, yes, we cried. Here. At work.

The proposal was filmed for NBC's new show, Marry Me, but its clear it wasn't staged for television; you can feel the love between Bret, the proposer, and Jovan, his lucky lady. Bret even flew Jovans family and friends out for the occasion to surprise her and to take part in the proposal.

Aside from this being one of the best proposals ever, the couple just seems so sweet and genuine. When Jovan finally says yes, (because, duh), you're going to wish you were there celebrating the happy moment with them.

Check it out up top but not before grabbing a box of tissues to dry those happy tears.

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