1-Year-Old Boy Miraculously Survives Being Run Over By A Truck (Video)

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1-Year-Old Boy Miraculously Survives Being Run Over By A Truck (Video)
by Sean Levinson
Source: elitedaily.com
Footage taken in Kazakhstan captures a truck running over a 1-year-old boy as he crosses the street.

The boy's body violently snaps back as he is caught by the trucks front wheels before the back wheels roll over his body.

According to the Mirror, the boy's injuries somehow only amounted to a few scrapes and bruises along with a minor concussion.

He was released from the hospital after a 10-day stay.

Ian Alexeyeva found the driver standing over the boy's body.

Alexeyeva said, "He told me to call an ambulance and said he was just going to drive down the road and drop off some water and then he would come back. But he never did."

The boy's parents quickly determined that the driver was a local water delivery man.

They then filed a complaint to the police, who are now investigating the driver.

The boy's mother said of the driver, "I cant believe that he still turns up every day drives down the same street as though nothing has happened. He shouldn't be on the streets any longer."

She added that her son will need rehabilitation to recover from the terrifying brush with death.

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