Nephew Of Ebola Victim Says Uncle Would've Survived If He Wasn't Black (Video)

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Nephew Of Ebola Victim Says Uncle Would've Survived If He Wasn't Black (Video)
by Emily Arata
Josephus Weeks, nephew of Ebola victim Thomas Duncan, believes his uncle would not have died if he'd been white.

In a televised interview on CNN's OutFront, Weeks told host Erin Burnett the US healthcare system had nothing to gain from letting a poor black man without insurance live.

According to Weeks, in the days leading up to Duncan's death, hospital employees were allowed in Duncan's room while his own family was not.

Duncan also received a different kind of experimental antiviral drug than the two white patients quarantined for possible Ebola.

Furthermore, Weeks declared sending Duncan home with a 103-degree fever when he first sought treatment on September 25 was reckless.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, the hospital where Duncan was treated, has since released a statement saying the Liberian immigrant received every comfort and care possible:

"Our care team provided Mr. Duncan with the same high level of attention and care that would be given any patient, regardless of nationality or ability to pay for care."

Civil rights activist Reverend Jesse Jackson has since taken up Weeks cause, maintaining the idea that the hospital only released Duncan because of his skin color and lack of insurance.

Although Duncan had just arrived from Liberia, Jackson said no medical professional ever tested the man for Ebola.

Jackson led prayers outside of Duncan's hospital room in the hours leading up to his death on Wednesday. He and Weeks continue to spread word of Duncan's seemingly second-class treatment.

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