WTF: People Find 102 Snakes Slithering Around Their House (Photos)

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WTF: People Find 102 Snakes Slithering Around Their House (Photos)
by Sean Levinson
A Canadian family found 102 snakes in its home last weekend when the reptiles attempted to hibernate for the winter.

CBC News reports that the Regina, Saskatchewan, family initially came upon just a few of the harmless garter snakes in the basement and then uncovered many more wriggling around in crevasses in the kitchen and bedrooms.

They called the Salthaven West Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center, which sent two people over to catch the reptiles.

Megan Lawrence, director of the shelter, said,

"They were starting to end up everywhere in the house but in the basement. For the most part they were in tight spaces. Cracks in the floors, cracks in the walls, between boxes, underneath things — anywhere they could get into basically."

The snakes weren’t moving very fast or trying to hide, she added, because they had already begun to hibernate.

Lawrence and her colleague put the snakes in pillowcases and buckets before separating them by size.

The largest snake was almost a meter in length and the shortest about 9 inches.

Ray Poulin of The Royal Saskatchewan Museum says it’s common for snakes to seek shelter from the cold in large groups inside homes.

"The snakes know winter is coming. Snakes have to get below the frost line, or else they can’t survive the winter. On the prairies, there’s only so many options to do that. 

Older houses that have foundations that the snakes can get into—that serves as a great place to get underground and get under that frost line."

The head of the museum’s research and collections says garter snakes enter the homes by slithering under soil and pose no threat to humans due to a lack of teeth and jaw strength.

And while he’s not surprised to see so many garter snakes in a house, 100 of just about any other breed would be very alarming.

via CBC News, Photos Courtesy: Salthaven West

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