Eric Bledsoe Shakes Jared Cunningham Into The Next Area Code

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Eric Bledsoe Shakes Jared Cunningham Into The Next Area Code
by Dan Carson

We could've never seen Jared Cunningham again after Wednesday night.

The journeyman guard nearly disappeared into Los Angeles traffic while trying to defend Eric Bledsoe during the Clippers' preseason matchup against the Phoenix Suns.

Bledsoe–– a tough assignment by any standard– preyed mercilessly on Cunningham in the third quarter. His mistreatment of the Clippers guard peaked on a shake near the perimeter that left Cunningham stumbling all the way into the baseline photographers.

YouTube user Goomba-Gaming (h/t Deadspins Tom Ley) uploaded a fine video of the shake. They even added in a bit of Sarah McLachlan, which I believe really puts it over the top.

I don't know what would've happened if those men and their cameras weren't there to stop Cunningham. He might be nearing Barstow at this point, falling forward and kicking up dust outside the local crab shack.

Fortunately for Cunningham, his embarrassing moment came in the preseason, which no sane person watches for more than a half. He also stumbled while defending Bledsoe, whose shake moves are directly responsible for most of the missing persons in HBO's The Leftovers.

Shake it off, Cunningham. Actually, don't shake anything. Just take five and have some juice.

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