VIDEO: Bikers Popping Wheelies Shoo-Away Calif. Cop

VIDEO: Bikers Popping Wheelies Shoo-Away Calif. Cop
MILPITAS, Calif. - A video posted on YouTube shows dozens of motorcyclists popping "wheelies" at high-speeds on a San Francisco Bay Area freeway and shrugging off attempts by a California Highway Patrol (CHP) motorcycle officer to pull them over, reports CBS San Francisco.

The YouTube video, titled "Cop Chases Bikers Then Biker Makes Cop Leave," was posted Wednesday. Investigators say it shows a group of as many as 50 riders pulling stunts at high-speeds on Interstate 680 in Milpitas earlier this month as they approached a CHP motorcycle officer trying to pull over the lead biker, who is doing a wheelie.

When the officer was unable to pull over the lead bike, another rider passes the officer while pulling a wheelie. The officer is then seen pulling ahead of the group, only to be met by a third rider who yells to the officer, "You're not wanted."

"The behavior displayed by the riders on the motorcycles was extremely reckless," Ross Lee of the CHP told CBS San Francisco.

"The officer had been behind these bikes, and trying to make a stop. The riders, as he would get behind one, would move back into a pack and so he was unable to get one of the riders he was attempting to pull over to the shoulder," Lee said.

After the officer exchanges a few muffled words with the rider, he motions with his hand to "cut it out," and pulls away from the group.

As the officer speeds out of the frame, other riders can be seen pumping their fists in celebration.

"He made a determination and a judgment call based on his own safety as well as the safety of the general public on the road at the time," Lee said of the officer's decision to back off.

No arrests have been made in the incident, but authorities say they are reviewing the video in an effort to determine who was involved.

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