Teenager Scares His Parents In Terrifying Halloween Prank

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Teenager Scares His Parents In Terrifying Halloween Prank
Halloween is chock full of hilarious pranks, but a few days shy of the spooky holiday, this teenager decided to surprise his parents in the most terrifying way possible.

In a video posted to World Star Hip Hop, the teen entered his mother and step-father's bedroom clad in a creepy Michael Myers costume and interrupted their seemingly comfortable slumber. When the couple awoke to find a knife wielding figure standing over them, panic ensued and without hesitation the teen's mother hatched an escape plan to jump out of a window.

Perhaps the funniest thing to come out of this clip is that neither parent thought to rescue their children from the would-be masked murderer in their home!

Check out the funny video below:

Have you ever been the victim of a cruel Halloween prank? Share your story in the comments!

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