Meet Your New Hot Mugshot Guy: Sean Kory, Fox News Public Enemy No. 1

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Meet Your New Hot Mugshot Guy: Sean Kory, Fox News Public Enemy No. 1
Move aside, Jeremy Meeks. The Internet is going gaga over a new ‘hot mugshot guy’—only this one harbors a burning hatred of all things Fox News.

It was the face that launched a thousand Facebook posts.

Back on June 18, Jeremy Meeks was arrested and charged with felony street terrorism and misdemeanor resisting arrest/obstruction of justice. The Stockton Police Department posted his mugshot photo—shaved head, mocha skin, piercing blue eyes, tattoos—and it quickly went viral. Despite his alleged gang ties, previous 9-year stint for grand theft auto, and subsequent federal gun charge, he was branded “hot mugshot guy” and “hot convict” on the Internet and even spawned the regrettable hashtag #FelonCrush Friday. The photo got hundreds of thousands of likes on Facebook with many championing his modeling prospects, and the 30-year-old was eventually signed to a talent contract by PR maven Gina Rodriguez, who represents other dodgy D-listers like Octomom as well as Dina and Michael Lohan. Hell, even comedian Kevin Hart weighed in.

Now, it seems, we have another contender for the mantle of “hot mugshot guy”—and his story is way, way crazier than Meeks’.

On Friday night at the annual Halloween parade in downtown Santa Cruz, California, local police say 29-year-old Sean Kory confronted a man dressed as a Fox News reporter. He allegedly proceeded to attack the victim, telling him he “hates Fox News” before grabbing the man’s microphone, placing it down the front of his pants, and rubbing his crotch with it. According to police, Kory then attacked the victim with an aluminum tennis racket.

The victim, who was uninjured, reported it to police, who then ran down Kory and arrested the Santa Cruz native, booking him in the county jail.

And then they released his mugshot.

Unlike Meeks, Kory doesn’t have any face tattoos, but like Meeks, he shares the same bronzed complexion that contrasts sharply with his blue eyes. He’s also sporting dreadlocks, which makes him look like a cross between Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo, played by Jason Momoa, and Gary Dourdan’s badass space marauder from Alien: Resurrection. And lefties are hailing him as a Batman-like vigilante for taking down a Fox News superfan. 

Either way, the Internet (obviously, predictably) went nuts:

Your move, Hollywood.

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