LA Woman Distracts Entire Phoenix Suns Bench

LA Woman Distracts Entire Phoenix Suns Bench
With 19.9 seconds left and the Suns up 110-104 with a player at the line, coach Jeff Hornacek subbed out most of his starters because the win was in hand. That’s when Gerald Green — fresh off his 26-point, dunk-heavy game — let the Suns bench know there was a lady coming by who they outta check out. Watch all the head’s on the bench — including an assistant — turn for the unknown woman.

Los Angeles has Jack Nicholson in the first row, the apex of move-making in Hollywood, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and 17 franchise championships, but most players love heading to the Staples Center for the bevy of beautiful women on hand to watch them ply their trade. Green gives his teammates the head’s up about one, and they can’t help but steal a pretty obvious mouth-agape stare in her direction:

Some may claim this sort of chauvinism is at the root of the male-female divide in this country. While many have called us a prude in the past, we can’t find much wrong with admiring a beautiful woman, so long as the obvious eyeballs don’t make that woman uncomfortable. The unknown LA woman seemed fine, though, and the Suns had just gotten the win — on two fronts.

Fair of foul to gaze so obviously?

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