Ever Had A Case Of Parking Space Rage? This Video Takes It To The Next Level.

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Ever Had A Case Of Parking Space Rage? This Video Takes It To The Next Level.
by Liz Klimas
Source: theblaze.com
There’s a fair amount of road rage out there, but don’t think it’s limited to city streets.

We’ve already seen how parking issues can drum up a fair bit of anger, sometimes even gunfire. Every driver has likely experienced that moment of frustration when someone zips into a spot they were patiently waiting for with their blinker on. And who can forget the jaw-tightening moment when you think you found an empty slot only to notice another car is halfway over the line, taking up two spots, when you start to pull in.

This latest scene of “parking space rage” takes place with the incident already in progress.

Video of the episode posted to YouTube by the user Jesse Beall shows the owner of a silver SUV arguing with the driver of a silver hatchback. What exactly was said is unclear and how exactly the incident started is also not immediately known.

The hatchback driver then appeared to leave the scene but only a few seconds later, tires squealed and the hatchback gunned it backward. The SUV driver and passenger standing outside their car were forced to jump out of the way.

The hatchback then slammed into the SUV and seemed to speed away.

Watch the footage:

Image Source: Youtube

Commenters on the social news site Reddit, which linked to the video, shared some of their thoughts.

“How to lose a driver’s license in 10 seconds,” Torvaldr wrote.

“This is so satisfying. Watched it like 10 times for that sweet satisfaction. Worth any possible negative ramifications then some. His only failure was not coming back for seconds,” the commenter going by the username spjvmp34viw3j3r countered.

Beall did not immediately respond to TheBlaze’s request for more details about the incident, such as where it happened, how it started and ended, and if the authorities got involved..

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