Man Gets Revenge During Divorce By Dumping Wife's Corvette In River (Video)

Man Gets Revenge During Divorce By Dumping Wife's Corvette In River (Video)
by Sean Levinson

A Philadelphia man drove his wife’s Corvette into a river in what seems to be an act of revenge involving their ongoing divorce.

According to ABC News, a witness told police that he or she had seen a man driving the red 1990 vehicle toward the bank of the Delaware River on Monday afternoon.

He then got out of the car while it was still in drive and let it roll into the river.

Authorities eventually found that the man, 50, had gone to his wife’s home and taken the car, which they share.

Philadelphia police Inspector Scott Small said,

I guess he was angry with her and drove her vehicle into the Delaware River.

It took rescue divers about a half hour to find the car, which had sunk 30 feet below the freezing water.

Small said the man put the Marine units’ lives in danger as the river bottom was not only pitch dark but also filled with debris that could have latched on to them.

According to Small,

They were saying it was zero visibility — they were blindly feeling around.

The wife told CBS Philadelphia that her husband, who police say was under a restraining order, had threatened to dump the Corvette into the river several times before.

It was not financial demands, however, that set him off but her refusing to let him drive the van they own, she said.

A warrant has been issued demanding that the man turn himself in to face charges for reckless endangerment, shore dumping and violating the restraining order.

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