Man With No Shame Picks Nose And Wipes It On A Woman's Head (Video)

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Man With No Shame Picks Nose And Wipes It On A Woman's Head (Video)
by Connor Toole
One of the best parts of rooting for your favorite team is harboring an unnatural and borderline irrational hatred for whatever other squad you deem to be your rivals, especially when you don’t have many other things in life that make you feel alive.

Technically speaking, the Everton fan in this clip shouldn’t have a real reason to despise the fans at Sunderland’s home pitch, but that didn’t stop him from doing one of the most disrespectful things ever captured on camera at a sporting event.

As someone who used to care way too much about sports in middle school, I can certainly understand the satisfaction that comes with securing a victory over your competitor (no matter how minor).

With that being said, I don’t know if rubbing a booger into an unsuspecting fan’s hair can ever really count as a win.

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